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Cash For Gold - Cash My Gold - Cash 4 Gold

Cash For Silver - Cash My Silver - Cash 4 Silver

Cash For Jewellery - Cash My Jewellery - Cash 4 Gold

Bath City Pawnbrokers buy all gold jewellery, gold chains, gold earrings, gold coins, gold bars, ingots, silverware and even broken or damaged gold or silver. We will pay above the current metal price for items that can be re-sold and can quote high prices for quality diamonds.


We buy in high volume and guarantee to beat any local quote. We pay cash and there is no wait or comission charges. Our margins are small and you will almost always get a better price from us than selling through auction.


Some of the gold coins we buy include gold sovereigns, gold kruggerrands, gold guineas, gold pandas, gold eagles and gold maples. We have collectors lined up for the finest pieces.



01225 461178

Bath City Pawnbrokers pay Cash 4 Gold Coins, Cash for Gold Bullion,  Cash for Scrap Gold , Cash 4 Gold Sovereigns, Cash for Gold Jewellery, Cash for Gold Chains and Cash for Dental Gold.


We have customers who sell gold in Somerset, sell gold in Wiltshire, sell gold in Gloucestershire, who sell gold in Bristol and of course who sell gold in Bath. We are the oldest Pawnbroker in our local area and will offer the best price to make it worth while travelling from all our adjacent counties and beyond. Payment can be made in cash or by immediate bank transfer.


Call our store on 01225 461178 for a no obligation quote to sell Gold at Bath's only Licensed and Regulated Pawnbroker





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